Book Spots in Old Town Munich

Recently my husband and I travelled to Munich, Germany, for the weekend. Munich is a city full of history, beer gardens and museums. I have wanted to travel to Munich for some time now, and it completely lived up to the hype. As a book lover, I couldn’t help but want to visit some of the popular book spots in the city. Munich is a very large city, and we were only there for four days, so I couldn’t visit all of them. Instead, I focused on the book spots within the old town of Munich. Here are some of the places I visited and some I wish I could’ve seen.

Library in Munich Town Hall

This library is right in the middle of historic Old Town Munich, hidden inside the Town Hall. I tried so hard to get into this building to see this library but couldn’t get in. I believe it was closed due to COVID restrictions. If you ever visit Old Town Munich, you have to try and see this beautiful place. The library is ten meters high with a beautiful spiral staircase in the center and has been preserved in its original form to this day. It looked incredible, and for this reason, I was devastated that I couldn’t get in!


This bookstore is very different from the library above; it is a completely modern store with multiple floors. It is in the same square as the Munich Town Hall. This bookstore was mainly German but featured extensive English sections. I was able to browse the aisles for a long time, unlike most bookstores in Europe. I loved the brightness of this bookstore, books displayed out for everyone to see, making it a very inviting and welcoming place, exactly what a bookstore should be! 

Buch & Tone

This bookstore caught my immediate attention because of its excellent use of window display! This is a tiny store but, they can showcase their books on three window panels, adding as many books as possible for people to view before entering the store. A passerby could spend so much time looking at all the different books on display, maybe choosing a book before stepping inside. Although the bookstore only sold German books, it was still highly inviting and a great place to pick up a book, read or chat with the employees.(

Buchner Lentner GmbH

I have never seen so many books crammed into such a small space before in my life; it was amazing! There were even books on display on the stairs up to the second floor. The second floor was covered with so many books you could barely move around them. This was truly a book lover’s paradise. (

There are so many other incredible book spots in Munich, and there was just not enough time to visit all of them. Let me know what your favourite book spots are!

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