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I became a mom in August 2018, and my life has been a fantastic roller coaster ever since! Being a mom has added new challenges to my life and opened up many new and exciting opportunities. Becoming a mom has allowed me to explore an entirely new genre: parenting.
I learned pretty quickly that there are so many different parenting books that it can easily become overwhelming to find one that suits you. I immediately knew I was more interested in reading fun books about parenting than lengthy textbooks on how to do everything “perfectly” I didn’t need that added pressure. So if your anything like me, scroll down and see some excellent parenting books I have read. Additionally, I will be posting about numerous parenting topics and my experiences through different child milestones.
One thing I have to mention first if you’re a new mom… pace yourself! You will not have that much time to read, and when you do have downtime, you may not want to read (I laid on the couch and watched Netflix most of the time). But, whenever you are ready to begin reading again, I think this is a great list to start with!

Toddler Transition From Crib to Regular Bed

Why transition now? This past weekend my husband and I transitioned our 2.5-year-old out of her crib and into a regular bed. We decided to do this for multiple reasons: When travelling, our daughter slept in her PlayPen, but recently she learned to climb out of it. Therefore, we needed a new option.   She learned … Read More

Self Love Club Volume 2 – A Book Chat

I haven’t fully finished reading Self Love Club Volume 2 yet.  However, I wanted to write this post anyway because this book is a collaboration of stories written by different women, focusing on their journey to self-love. Books like this, in my opinion, do not need to be read in one sitting.  I plan on … Read More

The Bad Mothers Book Club- My Book Review

By Keris Stainton This is another great mom read; I highly recommend it! What is the story about? The Bad Mothers’ Book Club by Keris Stainton is a fictional story about a group of mothers with the primary focus being on the character, Emma Chance.  Emma and her husband, Paul, have two young children.   They … Read More

My First Week Potty Training my 2-Year-Old

*The picture above is what my bathroom looked like after Day 1* This is the 3rd post regarding my potty training journey, to read from the beginning please refer back to Potty Training…Ugh and Oh Crap! Potty Training. Day 1 I went into day one very anxious and nervous about how the day would go. … Read More

Oh Crap! Potty Training- Book Review

By: Jamie Glowacki Please refer to my post “Potty Training…Ugh” for more details regarding the selection of this book. My review of the book: Oh Crap! Potty Training is a very easy read, which is perfect for this topic. I really didn’t want to sit for weeks reading an overly detailed and complex book about … Read More

Potty Training… Ugh!

Now that my daughter is 2-years-old , we are beginning to discuss potty training methods, and well, I am not super excited about it. I am really excited to get rid of diapers but, I am not excited for the daunting task of getting her to use the toilet. I feel like we just got … Read More


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