About Trish

Getting to know me…

Hello everyone, my name is Trish! Thank you for visiting my blog.

I’m here to discuss BOOKS! I have always (well maybe not when I was younger) LOVED to read! I find my love for reading is only increasing every day through my exploration of many different genres. In the beginning, I found myself gravitating towards historical fiction novels because I LOVE history (please don’t automatically turn away, I read many other topics too!). So I read many history books, BUT I also love many different genres like romance, humour, biography, contemporary, parenthood, political and more.

I enjoy getting recommendations on my next book from friends, family and sometimes a blog or two. I always enjoyed writing little notes and reviews about the books I read. In 2020, I began thinking about turning my personal reviews into a blog that everyone can view, writing for other people who love reading and are looking for some book recommendations!

I also love discussing the books that I have read so, please comment on the blog whenever possible.

I have no reviewer awards or anything of the sort but, I have recommended lots of the books to friends and family, and their responses are always great! So if you are interested, take a look through some of the books I have reviewed and tell me what you think!

Some personal notes about me…

I met my husband in university, and we have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter (who is going through her terrible twos right now). As a new mom, I sometimes read fun and humorous books about motherhood that I think all new moms need to read (to help us relax a bit)! I have a career I enjoy (but not overly passionate about), and I am always looking for new things to do and explore. This blog is my next adventure! I have a large, loud and loving Greek family that I absolutely adore. I am Greek- Canadian, but I am currently living in Switzerland (relocated for my husband’s job). So please explore, comment, and if you’d like, subscribe to my blog for updates!

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