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I haven’t posted much about my reading journey, so I thought I would post something today! I have ordered so many new books for the summer and can’t wait to get started, but here is how my July began:

Last ReadBig Summer by: Jennifer Weiner

This book had been on my TBR list for a long time, and I finally had a chance to read it about a week ago. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I loved this book, if I am being honest, I don’t know if I even liked it. I found the story a bit unrealistic, and the exciting parts took way too long to get to. The ending didn’t do much for me either. This was super disappointing since I had seen such great reviews; my thoughts on this book are definitely in the minority. My full review will be up in a few days!

Current ReadGet a Life, Chloe Brown by: Talia Hibbert

I have seen this book and the other two books from this series all over blogs and bookstagrams. I was excited to begin reading this series myself. So far, I am really like the first book! The main character is Chloe Brown. She is a funny, sarcastic woman who suffers from ongoing chronic pain. This book follows her story through life, pain and love.

Next ReadCan You Hear Me Now? by: Celina Caesar – Chavannes

This is one of my most anticipated autobiographies. I couldn’t get my hands on it in Switzerland, so when I went home to Canada for a few weeks, I immediately picked it up! Caesar-Chavannes was an MP with the current Liberal Canadian government. After feeling like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was using her because of the colour of her skin (what she refers to as tokenism) instead of her skills and expertise, she decides to leave the Liberal caucus, eventually deciding not to run in the next election. This story created waves across Canada. She has now decided to write this autobiography detailing her childhood through to her current life, including her time in politics. Regardless of where you stand politically, her story is an important one.

Have you read any of these books? Let me know your thoughts!

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