At the Midway Point of 2021, Here Are My Favourite Reads So Far!

Now that 2021 is at the halfway point, I thought I would stop and think back to my favourite reads of this year. I have read 18 books so far, and enjoyed many of them. I read from a variety of genres, including historical fiction, nonfiction, and romantic comedies. Below are my top 3 picks for 2021.

My Top 3 Books of 2021 (so far):

The Spanish Love Deception

This is a romantic comedy based in New York City and Spain. Two co-workers make a deal to support one another in front of their friends and family, leading to a hilarious interaction with family members and an entertaining romance between the two characters.
Genre: Humor, Romance, Contemporary

What Alice Forgot

Alice faints during her gym class, and when she wakes up, she thinks she is 29 years old, newly married and pregnant with her first child. However, she is actually 39 years old, separated from her husband and a mother of three. She tries to uncover why her life has turned out the way it has while also trying to regain her memory from the last ten years.
Genre: Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Family

Hidden Valley Road

This is a nonfiction novel based on one family’s experience with mental health, specifically schizophrenia. The reader is also taken through the medical community’s journey to find a cure for this illness. This book reads like a fiction novel; it’s truly unbelievable what is experienced within just one family.
Genre: Nonfiction, Psychology, Science

Other books I have read this year and enjoyed…

  1. Daring Greatly‘ by: Brene Brown; 2. ‘Girl, Woman, Other‘ by: Bernardine Evaristo; 3. ‘The Happy Ever After Playlist‘ by” Abby Jimenez
    4. ‘Under the Overpass‘ by: Mike Yankoski 5. ‘Dominicana‘ by: Angie Cruz 6. ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz‘ by: Heather Morris

What are your favourite books of 2021 so far?

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