Women’s Prize for Fiction 2020 Finalists

The Women’s Prize for Fiction is administered by The Women’s Prize Trust, a UK-based charity that supports women writers worldwide. The Women’s Prize for Fiction is one of the most notable literary awards in the world.  This organization also helps women gain access to many books by offering free resources online and in stores.   I came across this list last April when the five finalists were announced.  I was immediately intrigued and began to review those six books. From the list, the following three books caught my attention and were added to my TBR list.    

The One I Have Already Read:

Dominicana by: Angie Cruz

The summary of this book appealed to me.  As a historical fiction novel, it looks through the eyes of a young Dominican immigrant and her new life in America.  This book was unique, especially when it came to lack of punctuation, and interesting. For my full review, click on the link.

The One I’m Currently Reading:

Girl, Woman, Other By: Bernardine Evaristo

This story is very different than what I usually read.  The book title and cover first caught my attention, and then the summary intrigued me.  Now that I am about halfway through, I can say that this book has already surpassed my initial expectations.  Although I struggled to get attached to the characters at first, I am now fully captivated by them and each of their stories.  Reading through their perspectives gives multiple new dimensions to this book.  Although these characters talk specifically about life in England, each of their stories can easily resonate with women worldwide. I have not finished reading this book yet but keep checking for my review in the next couple of days!

The One on My TBR List:

A Thousand Ships By: Natalie Haynes

This is a fictional story of the Trojan War told exclusively from female perspectives.  It focuses on how the war affected the women in Troy and Greece.  Finally a historical event written from the perspective of the females who lived it.  The world already knows about Achilles, Hector, and Agamemnon; it’s time to see this war from a female lens. I cannot wait to get started on this book.

The Other Nominees:

Hamnet By: Maggie O’Farrell (The Winner of the Award)

The Mirror and the Light By: Hilary Mantel

Weather By:Jenny Offill

*Of course these three books are probably great works of fiction too, but the summaries didn’t really grab my attention. 

Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you think!

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