Self Love Club Volume 2 – A Book Chat

I haven’t fully finished reading Self Love Club Volume 2 yet.  However, I wanted to write this post anyway because I don’t believe this book is one that needs to be fully read in one sitting. It is a collaboration of stories written by different women, focusing on their journey to self-love. I plan on picking up the book and reading different chapters from time to time. 

A very good friend of mine wrote one of the chapters of this book, Lisa Freeman. Freeman writes about her experiences as a first time mother. Her beautiful daughter was born with health complications that resulted in an emotional couple of months in the NCIU after she was born. This was obviously a difficult time for her and I believe other mothers who are experiencing the same struggles would really find comfort in her story.

Freeman’s baby girl eventually does get to go home with her parents but the whole process was not at all what Lisa had always envisioned for her first baby. It is an incredible story of courage and resilience and I think it is important that women who encounter similar situations have stories like this to bring them comfort.

I hope you take the time to read this book!

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