The Nightingale- Book Review

By: Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah is one of my most favourite books. It is centered around two sisters living in France during World War II. There were so many emotions that were felt throughout this book from love and joy to utter sadness and despair. From the very first page of this book, I was hooked!

I first came across The Nightingale when it was my turn to select a book for my book club. I knew I wanted to choose a something historical, as this was my favourite genre, and many of the book club participants had never read a historical fiction book. I was convinced I could convert them with the right book. The Nightingale continuously appeared at the top of all my searches and the reviews were amazing. Therefore, I selected it for my book club and luckily, it was a huge success! Everyone loved it, and it sparked so many great conversations. In fact, many of the people in my book club continued to ask for more recommendations on other historical fiction novels.

The theme of this book…

The Nightingale is about two sisters and the very different paths their lives take during World War II in France. The sisters think they are nothing alike as they pursue very different lives but, as the story continues, you begin to see the similar characteristics these two sisters share. Each sister is fighting for survival in their own way, showing courage and resiliency in each of their struggles. The author, Kristin Hannah, brings the characters’ thoughts and emotions to life so clearly and vividly you begin to feel those emotions yourself.

Hannah also details the difficulties faced by the French people, mostly women, who lived under Nazi occupation. The reader gains an understanding as to how the French women were helping in the war effort, from their homes. The women wanted to do whatever they could to help defeat the Nazis. This book was not about war battles and soldiers; it was about the struggle of occupation, the push to survive, and the fight to gain freedom. Truly a remarkable story about a challenging time in France’s history.

What I learned from this book…

The Nightingale is an inspirational story about women’s fight for survival and their constant determination to protect their family and those around them. The ordeal that these two sisters experience is beyond my imagination; it seems impossible to overcome such horrible obstacles in life. This story also emphasized the importance of fighting for what you believe.

I also learned so much more about the difficulties faced by the women living under Nazi occupation, something I think history books do not focus enough time on. It opened a new door to the different experiences of World War II.

Other books written by this author… 

Kristin Hannah has written many books, so I have listed some of her better-known books below:

*The Four Winds (newest book)
*The Great Alone
*Home Front
*Night Road
*Winter Garden

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