Mom books

There are so many parenting and mom books that it can become overwhelming and daunting to choose one that fits your personality. I was more interested in reading fun books about parenting and being pregnant; I wasn’t interested in books that gave me lists or “to do’s” to add to my already long mom to-do list. I looked for books that would help me through this new stage in my life and joke around about the new reality of motherhood. The books I have included on this page were fun books that include real stories about the ups and downs of motherhood. If you’re in search of a book and haven’t been able to find one that suits you, take a look at my mom book reviews and maybe you’ll find one you like!

I have to mention one thing first, if you’re a new mom… pace yourself! You will not have that much time to read, and when you do have downtime, you may not want to read (I laid on the couch and watched Netflix most times). But, whenever you are ready to begin reading again, I think this is a great list to start with!

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