My Life in France- Book Review

By Julia Child and Alex Prud’Homme

My connection to this book:

This book is written by Julia Child and her nephew Alex Prud’Homme. I began reading this book because I was about to move my family from Canada to an entirely different continent, Europe. I was very nervous about this move and a bit worried about what I would do without my family, friends and my job.  My sister bought me this book, the story of how Julia Child moved to Paris, France,for her husband’s work. She thought it would be an excellent book to read to prepare me for living abroad.

Although the book was a very good read, it didn’t do much in preparing me for our big move. Child discusses how she wasn’t very close with her father and that her mother passed away years before. Child was also very thrilled for the opportunity to live in Paris full time. So I learned pretty quickly that our stories didn’t really line up. However, I decided to keep reading because it was an interesting biography of a successful woman.

Book break down and my review:

This book discusses Child’s life beginning with the meeting of her husband, Paul. The book then maps out her life in Paris and her path to becoming one of the most well-known chefs. Child discusses how her culinary journey in French food began and how she later made it into a cooking empire. Her story is very awe-inspiring and quite fascinating, especially as a woman during that time. Her entrepreneurial skills, which she discusses in this book, can be transferred into any career. Therefore, for any women looking to begin a new career, I would highly recommend this book.

There are some topics that I found difficult to get through. Sometimes she goes into a bit too much detail about her recipes and the specific ways she cooks. I don’t have a significant interest in cooking, so I found those sections to be a bit difficult to focus on. There were some paragraphs I skimmed or read over because it focused too much on the break down of her recipe. However, if you are someone who is looking to learn more about French cooking, than those parts of the book would be great for you!

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