Maternity Leave- Book Review

By: Julie Halpern

I bought this book near the end of my pregnancy as my maternity leave was about to begin. I was concerned about how much I would enjoy my maternity leave. No one I knew had a baby or was even pregnant and I was worried I would feel very alone at home all day, everyday. I also enjoy being busy, whether that is with work things or family things, I enjoy having things to do! For this reason, I was concerned I would feel bored during my maternity leave. I knew I would be busy taking care of my new baby but, I knew I would be needing more.

While I was thinking these thoughts, I decided to visit my local bookstore. As I was looking through the aisles I stumbled upon this book and I thought it must be a sign! I decided to buy it that day and begin reading it as soon as possible.

The book is pretty short and easy to read which was really nice. Julie Halpern made me quickly realize that I wasn’t alone in my fears. She comically discussed her approach to maternity leave and how she dealt with her fears. I should also mention that this is an American book so her maternity leave was, I believe, 4 months. In Canada parents get up to 18 months of maternity (or paternity), I returned to work at 13 months though, still much more time to fill then Halpern.

I actually gave birth before I finished the book, which turned out to be a good thing because then I could turn to this book about all the constant mom fears I had all day long with a newborn. I also quickly learned that there is no time for boredom within the first 3 months of motherhood. This book made me feel so much better about all the feelings I was having as a new mom on maternity leave and for that reason, I will always be grateful for this book!

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